The biggest crocodile in the world

The biggest crocodile in the world, today, is the estuarine crocodile. Males can grow up to seven meters in length and weigh one ton. In contrast to males, females are the largest species of crocodiles are not as big.


They weigh only up to half a ton, and grow up to three meters. And, interestingly, these giants can now often found during walks in Indonesia, Australia and the islands of New Guinea.
Saltwater crocodiles live in freshwater, and here they prefer to breed. However, reptile feels pretty comfortable in salt water. So sometimes the biggest crocodile in the world can even displace sharks from coastal waters. It should be noted that in brackish water, tend to live young individuals, from which the usual place, in turn, pushed by adults. Male saltwater crocodile periodically instigate fights for territory.
Name crocodile “estuarine” is quite simple to explain. Do reptiles have two ridges, which are located in or near the eyes. Well, the color of the animal changes with age. For example, a young individual it is light yellow, and on the surface there are spots and dark hairs. Older relatives color darker. A belly features a lighter shade, usually white or yellow.

Strong and ruthless

Eats the largest crocodile in the world prefers small fish, reptiles, birds, and large reptiles. But this young individuals. Adults consume a completely different food. Their menu includes a large crabs, turtles, lizards and snakes. Part of the mother crocodiles prey on cattle, in particular, antelope, buffalo, wild pigs. And his victims were watching reptiles at dusk, when the crocodile is not visible. Food await at the watering when she does not even does not suspect anything. The victim immediately falls into the vise jaw strength of a crocodile is so large that the bones of cattle immediately crushed. After the capture of the animal is immediately under water and is unable to resist.

Each year fixed quite a few cases. And blame human carelessness. Crocodile attacks in shallow water, where, as a rule, relaxed vacationer floats. However, there are also attacks on land, however, they are quite rare. And, according to experts, are usually cases of attacks provoked aggression on the part of people.

Maternal Instinct

Sexually mature males are 16 years of age, females – much earlier, in the 12-year-old. Saltwater crocodiles breed exclusively in autumn and winter. The female lays about 50 eggs a hole and buries it. Inside this connector are young along with the dirt and leaves that maintain a comfortable temperature in the pit. Three months later, crocodiles are born. The female usually is close to the young and to closely monitor their progress as soon as mother hears the voices of children, it begins to break the pit and help offspring hatch. However, females are sometimes not too vigilant and eggs fall prey to predators. Anyway, before puberty usually survive only one percent of the offspring, because juveniles are eaten by other predators as well.

The most valuable

Leather Saltwater crocodiles are incredibly valued in the market. Therefore, over the past 70 years, their numbers decreased significantly. In some countries, reptile completely destroyed. A large number of crocodiles can be found in Australia. Live there are not less than one hundred thousand individuals.