Blue whale – the largest whale on earth

The Blue Whale is the largest living being on the planet. Astonishingly, that this marine giant eats only small shrimplike creatures named krill. Thus, an adult blue whale may eat more than 3 tons of krill for each day. Whales usually dive about 650 metres to catch their food.

Though the blue whale is a deep-water predator, it must come to the ocean surface to breathe. When a whale surfaces, it blows out air out of a blowhole in a cloud of hassled steam that growths straight up above the water for 9 – 11 metres.

Their main characteristics of these mammals are: 85-110 feet length, 145 – 185 tons weight. Whales are identified to be the biggest identified animals ever existed.

blue-whales1 blue whale biggest

These mammals usually swim either in minor groups, in pairs, or alone. They are believed to arrange close relationships. These elegant divers travel the ocean at over 7 miles per hour, and can spread the maximum speeds of more than 25 miles per hour.

Blue whales are very careful and attentive parents. They do everything to guard its baby. These mammals are very difficult to catch. Their power and speed meant that they were infrequently followed by primary hunters which directed sperm and right whales.

bluewhale2 blue whale biggest animal

A blue whale calf weighs up to 2,7 tones and has 7 – 9 metres long. All newly born whales are assisted to the ocean surface by their parents. Moreover, other whales frequently stimulate baby-whales to help breath.

Concentrated shooting in the 1920s by hunters looking for whale oil nearly drove these giant mammals to the edge of extinction. Therefore, thousands of whales were slayed. In 2003 scientists and zoologists issued a special report in which they stated from 9000 to 13600 whales around the world. The biggest population of whales live in the Antarctic. Now there are over 2100 whales living in Antarctic, North Pacific, Indian Ocean, Southern Hemisphere, and the North Atlantic.

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