The biggest animal on the planet (photos + video)

Whales are really the biggest and the most powerful mammals on earth. The blue whale is an oceanic creature that belongs to the baleen whales. Their main characteristics are: 90-100 feet length, 150 – 175 tons weight. Whales are stated to be the biggest identified animals ever existed.

Whales are warm-blooded. They breathe air, and have much body hair. They have much layer of natural fat under their skin. It helps to store energy and insulates the body. All blue whales have a vestigial pelvic bone, a spinal column, and a 4-chambered heart.


Blue whales were plentiful in approximately all the seas and oceans on Earth till the end of the nineteenth century. For above a century, these gorgeous species were cruelly hunted to extinction until sheltered by the worldwide community in 1967.

In 2002 scientists and zoologists issued a special report in which they stated from 4500 to 12400 whales around the world. There are five huge groups of whales. The biggest population of whales live in the Antarctic. Now there are over 2100 whales living in Antarctic, North Pacific, Indian Ocean, Southern Hemisphere, and the North Atlantic.


Blue whales are very careful and attentive parents. They do everything to guard its baby. These mammals are very difficult to catch. Their power and speed meant that they were infrequently followed by primary hunters which directed sperm and right whales.

Whale lifetimes differ amongst species and are not categorized very well. In 2007, zoologists found a nineteenth century lance piece in a bowhead whale in Alaska. They suggest that the found mammal could be from 112 to 133 years old. Another male was indicated 211 years. If this will make whales the longest-existed existing mammal.

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Here is video from National Geographic