The biggest birds on earth (photos + video)

Probably many people in the world started to be afraid of birds after watching the tremendous Alfred Hitchcock`s masterpiece of horror “The Birds”. Nevertheless, birds are not that scary as the director depicted. To finally put you at ease we offer you to look at top-five largest birds on the planet.

On the fifth position we place gorgeous Whooper Swan. It has wingspan 9.8 feet. It is a very sophisticated bird that spends winters in either eastern Asia or northern Europe. These birds usually fly thousands of miles to reach the necessary place somewhere in Eurasia. Whooper Swans are quite great flyers, regardless of the fact that they weigh from 20 to 45 pounds.

The forth place in our list goes to Andean Condor. It has wingspan 11.2 feet. These huge predators spend days rising on updrafts in the Andean Mountains in Latin America. Condors usually eat small mammals and meat. Condors reach maturity at the age of seven years. These birds can live up to 65 years in the wild environment. An average Condor`s weight is 35 pounds.


The third position we give to the bird with wingspan of minimum 12 feet. It is Marabou Stork. These rare hunters can often be found on African plains eating flesh near huge predators. Because of its habits Marabou Storks are often named “undertaker birds”. These imposing birds populate both arid and wet territories of the Sahara. A usual bird weighs up ti 24 feet and lengths 65 inches.


The Great White Pelican takes the second place in our list. His wingspan is 12,1 feet. These are huge and different birds that populate the vast territories from the eastern Mediterranean to South Africa and Cambodia. White Pelicans are very well adjusted to water life. These birds form large masses, counting a special colony of more than 80 thousand birds in Tanzania.

Having wingspan of 12,4 feet, Wandering Albatross is undoubtedly the largest bird on the planet. These amazing birds spend their whole lives at the ocean or sea. Wandering Albatrosses usually breed on Crozet Islands, South Georgia Island, Prince Edward Islands, Kerguelen Islands, and Macquarie Island.

Top 10 the biggest birds on earth