The biggest bridge on the planet (photos + video)

The Sidu River Bridge is the largest bridge construction on the planet. It can be found in Hubei Province of China. This bridge has height that equals 1,627 feet. It is 4,010 feet long hold-up Bridge is the planet’s highest bridge ever since 2009. Sidu Bridge crosses all the basin of the Sidu River.

This amazing bridge was planned and calculated by CCSHCC Consultants Company. The complete cost of the bridge construction is about seven hundred and thirty million Yuan that is about one hundred and two million dollars. The official opening ceremony took place in 2009. This bridge really made easier the lives of millions of Chinese people.


The bridge belongs to new G50 Huyu Expressway that counterpart China Highway 318. It is an east-west road amid Chongqing and Shanghai, overpassing an extensive mountains belt that distinct the Sichuan Basin from the plains of Hubei. The Yiwan Railway, finished in 2010 and locating similar to the road, has been defined as China’s most problematic to erect and most luxurious rail route.


The Sidu bridge widths a five hundred-meter bottomless valley of the Sidu River. It has outdated the Royal Gorge Bridge and the Beipanjiang Bridge as the largest bridge on earth. In the bridge design there are numerous H-shaped barbicans.

The first part of the hold-up chain connected, a cable known as the experimental cable, was the first-ever cable to be fixed with the help of a rocket. Circumstances at the bridge’s place would not permit the use of jets or vessels, which have beforehand been constantly used for stringing the first chain. Therefore, the special rockets supported the pilot cables across which immediately resulted in money and time savings.

Thousands of tourists in the world visit Sidu River Bridge every year to admire all the beauties that can be observed at any time of the year.

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This is video about the biggest bridge on the planet