The biggest cat on the planet (photos + video)

The Siberian tiger is the largest cat on the planet. These cats are also called Amur tigers. It is a tiger category occupying mostly the Sikhote Alin mountain area with a minor subpopulation in southwest Primorye area in the Far East of Russia. There were 325–398 grown-up Amur tigers in the mentioned regions in 2005, with a breeding population of nearly 246 cats.

Thus now you know that the Siberian tiger is the biggest existing felid.

Many people are sure that big cats such as leopards, lions, and tigers hunt people. Not like the Bengal, the Siberian cat infrequently eats people. Some examples of attacks on human beings were chronicled at the end of nineteenth century. These reported cased took place in Central Asia not including Kazakhstan, the Far East, and Turkmenistan.


Zoologists state that Siberian tigers were traditionally infrequently measured hazardous if not provoked. However in some regions Syr-Darya river basin, a tiger so they say slaughtered a woman gathering wood. Many Siberian tigers’ attacks on shepherds were documented in reaches of Ili river basin.


Nowadays these biggest sub-species of tiger on the planet can be met in south-eastern territories of Russia and northern parts of China. In the late 1960s Siberian tigers were very close to disappearance. Owing to both Russian State Tiger Protection policy and the support from many partners, counting WWF, today there are over 468 recorded Amur tigers.

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In this video you will learn about the biggest cat on the planet