The biggest cities on earth (photos + video)

There are thousands of cities in the world, but only some of them attract millions of inhabitants. Today we propose you top-ten list of the biggest cities on the planet.

Our list opens Shanghai – almost the largest city in China. The population of the city is 20 million people.

The capital of Philippine – Manila with 19.62 million populations is on the ninth place. This city is a real tourist paradise with many astonishing attractions (Rizal Park, The Santiago medieval Fort, Malacanang Palace, and hundreds of other sites).

Sao Paolo in Brazil with the population of about 20.95 million is on the eighth place. Everybody knows this city for annual Rio Carnival.

You must be surprised but New York is only in the seventh place. Now there are more than 22.3 million of inhabitants. This city is sign of freedom, democracy, and world capitalism.


The richest Indian city Mumbai has 22.9 million inhabitants. This city attracts millions of tourists from the whole world. Mumbai is one of the most multicultural cities.

The second Indian city in our list is Delhi which population has already reached 23.2 million of people.

The capital of Mexico – Mexico City is on the forth position in our list. At the end of 2012 the city population was 23.4 million people. Just imagine that only sixty years ago in Mexico City lived only two million of inhabitants.

Overview of Mexico City

The biggest city in China Guangzhou has 24.3 million populations. This huge megalopolis has all the best facilities for rest and work.

The second position we give to the capital of South Korea – Seoul. There are more than 24.7 million of people live here. It is the city with the largest density of population in the world: 17,3 thousands of people on one square kilometre.

And finally we would like you to meet the largest city in the world – the capital of Japan – Tokyo. Last year the city populated more than 44 million inhabitants. The capital of Land of the Rising Sun consists of cities, special wards, towns, and villages.

This is video about the biggest cities on earth