The biggest countries on earth ( +photos)

What is the biggest country in the word? Many people ask this question, but only a few know the right answer. And now we propose you to finally get acquainted with the largest countries in the world.

The fifth place in our top-five biggest countries on the planet list goes to the motherhood of carnivals – Brazil. It is situated in South America. Brasilia – is the capital of the country. The country is worldly known for its huge and amazing beaches, wild carnivals, and joyful people. The territory of the country equals 3,294,511 square miles. There are many highlands, mountains, lowlands, scrublands, and plains in Brazil. There are also many great rivers in the country.


The forth position we give to China. It is located in Asia. Beijing is the capital of the country. Its territory equals 3,705,516 square miles. China is the home of the first-born society in the world. But everybody knows China as the most populated country on the planet. Just imagine: 18,5% of world population lives in this Asian country. Chinese goods have flooded the markets of the entire planet.

The United States of America are on the third place in our top-five biggest countries list. Washington is the capital. The United States are located in North America. The territory of the country occupies 3,718,737 square miles. The country finds itself on such a high position in our list owing to Alaska which adds to the total country territory extra 586,412 square miles. Alaska is 15% of the whole country land area.


The second largest country on the planet is Canada. It is also situated in North America, and considered to be the largest country in both Americas. Ottawa is the capital. Its territory equals 3,864,084 square miles. There are many rivers, forests, lakes and mountain in Canada.

Russia is the largest country in the world. The territory of the country equals 6,602,664 square miles. Population of the country is 144 million people. There are nine time zones from Eastern Europe to Northern Asia. Many people in the world have never been to Russia and thus afraid of it very much. But the country is very friendly.