The biggest diamonds on earth ( +photos)

Diamonds have always been the most expensive and popular collections of the kings. Diamonds are one of the most hunted products. A man may become extremely rich if he suddenly finds a big and rare diamond in the yard of his country house. The largest diamonds in the world are rightly thought to be the most expensive ones. Thus, we offer you to get to known which diamonds on the planet are the largest.

The fifth place goes to The Hope Diamond. Nowadays it costs approximately 346 million dollars. The Diamond weighs 45.52 carats. It is a huge diamond that is placed in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History located in Washington DC. The Hope Diamond has a bright-blue look, and shines a pink phosphor below infrared light.

The fourth position we give to the Sancy Diamond. Please note that this diamond has not yet been estimated and, therefore, is thought to be priceless. The diamond weighs 55.27 carats.

The third place goes to De Beers Centenary Diamond. It presently costs over 100 million dollars. This Diamond is categorized as “D” levels by the Gemmological Institute of America. You should understand that it is the maximum possible grade of a diamond that colourless and inside and superficially perfect. The diamond weighs 272.93 carats.


The second place we give to Koh-I-Noor diamond. Please consider the fast that this precious stone has not yet been estimated and, consequently, is measured to be invaluable. The Diamond is called Persian “Mountain of Light”. The Diamond weight is 106 carats. The Koh-I-Noor was discovered in the Andhra Pradesh state (India). This stone has many powerful owners such prominent as numerous Mughal, Sikh, and Persian monarchs.


And the first position in our biggest diamonds ever found list we give to The Cullinan Diamond. Presently, the cost of this precious stone is four hundred and twenty million dollars. The stone weighs – just imagine – 3.107 carats. When the Diamond was refined it received name Star Africa first or Cullinan I.