The biggest fish – sturgeon or Beluga

European sturgeon or Beluga is considered to be the largest freshwater fish in the world. It is the biggest representative of Acipenseriformes. Beluga was so named after the Russian world “belyy” which means “white colour”.

The fish mostly inhabits and Black Sea and the Caspian Sea basins, and Adriatic Sea. Beluga is a massive fish that lives up to 120 years. The beluga is a huge hunter and eats mostly fish starting from 25 to 55 pounds. These fish as well consume seal pups and ducks. Owing to its violent behaviour and huge mouth, beluga a latent human-eater, but no attacks have been documented yet.


The beluga commonly moves upstream in rivers to brood. Consequently, sturgeons are occasionally compared to sea fish. Nevertheless, most experts reflect them to be freshwater fish. And yes -the female beluga is classically 25% bigger than the male.

In 1828 in Volga River a man caught the biggest beluga ever registered on earth. It weighed 3,463 pounds and reached 24 feet. Therefore, this freshwater fish is the biggest on the planet. The Beluga as well may be compared with the Greenland shark, the White Shark, and the Tiger Shark for the name of biggest hunter fish. Please also note that huge belugas are much bigger than the Mekong catfish. Nonetheless, some experts till now declare the Mekong catfish to be the biggest freshwater fish, due to sturgeons’ gift to stay alive in saltwater and that it devotes much of its life in salty surroundings.


But please do not be scared in advanced. Belugas of such great size as we mentioned above are very old and move very slow. They never attack people. Nowadays, belugas that are usually caught in rivers are normally 4.86–12.76 feet long. Such fish weigh from 82 to 670 pounds.

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