The biggest islands on earth ( +photos)

There are over thousands islands on our planet. And now we are going to give you the list of the largest isles so that you are aware where you travel, and tell your pals new info about new geographical objects.

Unquestionably, the largest island on the planet is Greenland. It belongs to Denmark. The area of the island equals 823,708 square miles. Greenland has the planet’s second biggest ice mass. More than fifty-eight thousands of people populate the isle.

New Guinea in Indonesia is the second largest landmass on earth. The area of New Guinea equals 303,375 square miles. Over 7,7 million of people live on the isle. New Guinea has a huge biodiversity, having from four to eleven percent of the overall species on earth.

The third biggest Isle on the planet is located in Asia. It is Borneo Island. It has area of 288,875 square miles. Borneo is also the biggest landmass in Asia. There are three countries on the Isle. They are Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei.

Island Borneo

The Isle of Madagascar that covers the territory of 226,923 square miles is situated eastward from Mozambique near Africa continent.

The fifth largest landmass on the planet belongs to Canada. Now we talk about Baffin Island. Its area is about 195,928 square miles. Though it is the biggest isle in Canada, only eleven thousand people live on Baffin Island.


Sumatra receives the sixth place in our largest islands list. It belongs to Indonesia, and covers the territory of 184,899 square miles. Sumatra is the biggest landmass that is located completely in Indonesia. More than fifty-two million people live on the Isle. Medan is the largest city with the population of four million people.

The Japanese Honshu Island is the seventh biggest isle on earth. Its area is 87,198 square miles. Please remember that Honshu is the biggest and the most populated isle of Japan.