The biggest men in the world (+photos)

It’s incredible to know how tall people can be. History knows many tall people who ever lived. All of them were very popular at the time, despite the difficult fate. Now we are going to name you the top tallest people in the world.

8 feet and 2 inches: Vikas Kumar Uppal. He was born on 1986 in India. Nowadays he is thought to be the tallest person in India. All his life he experienced many inconveniences because of his height. Vikas Kumar died in 2007.

8 feet and 2 inches: Don Koehler. He was rightly thought to be the highest man till the end of 1970s. Mr. Koehler passed away in 1981. He was 55 years old.

don koehler

8 feet and 3 inches: Sultan Kösen. According to the Guinness World Records Sultan was the highest living person since September 17, 2009. Sultan was born in Turkey. All his life he has been engaged in farming.

8 feet and 3 inches: Edouard Beaupré. He was born in 1881 in Canada. Owing to his tremendous height he worked in circus, participated as a giant in various freak shows. Edouard is also known as the tallest combatant and strongman in the history. On July 3, 1904 the famous wrestler passed away. He was only 23 years old.


8 feet and 5.5 inches: Leonid Stadnyk. He was born in Ukraine. He used to be the highest living person until the Guinness World Records expelled him from the tallest men list for Leonid rejected to be measured by means of the Guinness strict standards.

8 feet and 7.8 inches: John F. Carroll. This giant was born in the USA in 1932. He quickly was nicknamed in the medical literature as the Buffalo Giant. Carroll ached from severe spinal diseases and gigantism, and died when he was 37.

8 feet and 8 inches: John Rogan. He was born in Tennessee, approximately in 1866 in the family of slaves. Rogan started growing quickly when he was thirteen. During all his life he had been suffering from many spinal diseases. Rogan passed away at the beginning of 1905 from problems of his illness. He was buried below rock-hard concrete to stop anybody from unearthing and inspecting his body.

And the first place of the tallest person ever goes to Robert Wadlow which the tallest man on earth – 8 feet and 11.1 inches. He is the highest man in history for whom medicine has unquestionable proof.