The biggest mountain on the planet (photos + video)

If you decide to go crazy and climb the biggest mountain on the planet you should buy ticket to Nepal immediately. It is there where you must find the highest mount in the world Qomolangma (“mother of the Universe”) or Everest. The highest point of Everest equals – just imagine! – 8,848 metres. The transnational frontier amid Nepal and China runs crossways the exact peak point. Among the other highest peaks of Himalayas we distinguish Lhotse mount (8,516 metres), Nuptse mount (7,855 metres), and glorious Changtse mount that equals 7,580 metres.

The largest mount on the planet was so named after the India Surveyor General of India George Everest who discovered the Mount at the end of 1841.

The first alpinists who conquered Everest were Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hilary who managed to do it on May 1953.


The scientists state that there are many interesting facts about Everest. Many people know just the height of the Mount but are not aware of the other amazing things. For example, owing to definite geologic raise, every year Everest raises in 4 millimetres. Or that every tenth alpinist in the world dies on the Everest. At the moment more than four thousand people have already made attempts to conquer the Qomolangma.


Cruel dark jumping spiders live on Everest. They usually hide in fractures and eat ice-covered bugs.

International alpinists’ investigation report state that more than 236 people have already died climbing the Everest, but the precise quantity is hardly to figure out. According to the report, over 2000 people have already reached the peak of the Mount. There are more than 124 dead alpinists resting frozen on the mountain. The youngest climber who reached the peak was just thirteen years old. And the oldest one is seventy-six years old.

The chief reason of all deaths on the Everest is avalanches. For instance, in 1997 18 alpinists died from avalanches.

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