The biggest planes in the world (photos + video)

Airplanes have always attracted people’s attention. Millions of people fly every day around the world. We propose you to look at the list of the largest aircrafts in the world. The planes showed in the list are used as cargo, passenger airline, transport, and airlifter aircrafts.

Airbus A340: the capacity of this aircraft is 376 travellers in the regular variation and 441 in the overextended − 600 series.

Tupolev ANT-20: This plane got its name after Maxim Gorky. It is devoted to the forties anniversary of his public and literary deeds. The ANT-20 was the biggest known plane to have used the Junkers project idea.

Boeing 747: The new type of Boeing747 was nearly thrice bigger in size than the Boeing 707, one of the usual huge commercial planes of the 1960s.


Antonov An-22 is quite a weighty army transport jet that was constructed by Antonov Design Office in the USSR. This plane is motorized by 4 turboprop powerful engines every of which drives a couple of propellers. This particular design was the initial USSR large-body flying machine. An-22 still remains the world’s biggest turboprop-motorized plane.

Antonov An-124 is a tactical flight plane. This model of the flying machine was constructed by the prominent Antonov design office in the Ukraine.


Airbus A380 is a large-body, 4-motor, double-deck airliner. Nowadays it is righty considered to be the world’s biggest traveller airliner. Therefore, the considerable part of international airports has recently improved their accommodations to lodge it because of its enormous size. On 27 April 2005 this jet airplane made its initial flight. In October 2007 it began its commercial work with Singapore Airlines.

And finally we give you the largest plane in the world! The Antonov An-225 “Mriya” (“Dream” in Ukrainian) is a tactical airlift transport aircraft. It was constructed by the USSR’s Antonov Design Office in the 1980s that is located in Kiev. The aircraft is motorized by 6 turbofan motors. It is considered to be the biggest plane in the world. It is as well the weightiest jet with an all-out take-off mass of 642 tonnes.

Video of the top 10 biggest planes in the world