The biggest river on earth ( +photos)

The gorgeous Amazon River is located in Latin America. It is commonly considered the biggest river on earth by water flow. The river covers more than 35% of the continent. Its average discharge is about 210,500 cubic meters for each second. It is much bigger than the following 7 biggest rivers united, not counting Rio Negro and Madeira, which are the most powerful confluents of Amazon.

The Amazon River`s drainage basin is about 2,820,000 square miles. It is about one-fourth of the earth’s entire river flow. The river would have the largest basin on earth just including Brazil. The Amazon enters the country territory with just the fifth part of the total capacity that will finally flow into the powerful Atlantic Ocean.

In its higher stretches in Brazil the Amazon is named Solimões. Meanwhile in Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador the river is often named the great Amazon.


The breadth of the Amazon is amid 1.2 to 6.7 miles at low point. However, during the season of rains the Amazon expands to 35 miles or even more. The Amazon flows into the Atlantic in a wide river mouth around 145 miles broad. The mouth of the key stem is 55 miles. Therefore, owing to its immense sizes, the Amazon is occasionally termed the River Sea.


The most interesting fact is that the first bridge on the river was erected above the Rio Negro. It was officially opened near Manaus in Brazil at the end of October 2010.

In the deep Amazon Rainforest live over third part of all representatives of flora and fauna on earth. Amazon forests are the largest tropical forests concerning biodiversity. Over 2,150 various species of fish are presently documented in the Amazon basin.

Among the numerous interesting facts about the river history we may call the following. In 1500, the first man to sail into the river was Vicente Pinzon. In August 2010, Ed Stafford was the first sportsman in world`s adventure history to pace the complete distance of the Amazon. We recommend reading his book on Amazon adventures called “Walking the Amazon”.

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