The biggest ships in the world (photos + video)

There are times when many people ask themselves what is the largest boat ever built? Certainly, it is honestly easy to talk about the largest or the fastest automobile. Defining the largest vessel is much more particular, for all ships are quite big, but whether they are big enough to other vessels?

There are many really huge ships in the times gone by the world shipbuilding. Now we are going to give you the five largest boats in the world.

The top-five largest ships list opens so called “FSO Asia” and “FSO Europe” twins-supertankers are on the fifth place. They are rightly considered to be the biggest present-day vessels in the world. They have 230 tons and 390 meters long. The key difficulty is that these twins are too large to be moneymaking, therefore they work as moving storage platforms.

On the forth place we gladly place the tremendous tanker “Seawise Giant”. It is the lengthiest and the weightiest ship ever made! It has 270 gross tonnage and approximately 460 metres long. The tanker was so huge that it couldn’t come over the English Channel.


The third place we give the supertanker The Pierre Guillaumat is questionably bigger than the “Seawise Giant”, having capacity of 275 tons. “Unfortunately”, its lengths is just about 415 meters, and honestly, this vessel was just as over king-sized as many other huge supertankers.

Before we totally enter ship paradise, we have to stop at “Project Habakkuk”. This second biggest vessel has 610 metres in length. It is 2 million ton suggested airplane transporter considered by the British shipbuilders for the period of World War II. Unhappily, this giant moving ship has never been more than its sixty foot prototype.


And finally we give you the largest ship in the world! The “Freedom Ship” is about 1,400 meters long, evaluating 2.8 million tons. Just imagine: it has an airport that is capable of landing a Boing 737. It is just unbelievable vessel and there is no shipbuilding factory in the world to just think about constructing something like this.

Here is video from discovery channel