The biggest snakes on earth (photos + video)

Everybody knows that snakes are limbless, lengthened, and very elastic reptiles. There are around 2,895 species of snakes and more than 405 are poisonous. Snakes eat various rodents, termites, frogs, birds, other reptiles and people. A snake usually eats its victim whole and is able to eat a victim thrice bigger than the width of its own head. Mysterious snakes have always been interested people. And now we are going to meet you with the five largest snakes in the world.

On the fifth position we place the Titanoboa Snake. It has 43 feet long – it is the length of an average bus. It lived in the tropical forest of Colombia 60 million years ago.

The forth place belongs to the Bushmaster Viper. It is the lengthiest poisonous snake – up to 14 feet. It lives in forests and bushes from Costa Rica to the Amazon River basin. Bushmaster Viper reptiles are rose-brown in colour, toning their woodland habitats.


On the third position we place African Rock Python. An average length of adult reptile is from 12 feet to the maximum confirmed snake 22 feet long. These snakes are very violent and strong. African Rock Python will certainly eat all that it can shawl. These snakes commonly live in Africa.

On the second place in our biggest snakes list is the Burmese Python. A typical adult snake length is about 14 feet, and the lengthiest one confirmed was 24 feet.


And finally we give you the Green Anaconda – the largest snake in the world. It lives in the swamps of Latin America. The normal adult green anaconda is 16-18 feet. The longest to be known is approximately 28 ft. The weightiest one found was 545 lbs.

In this video you will learn about the five largest snakes