The biggest spiders on the planet (photos + video)

People are afraid of spiders on a subconscious level. Some people are very irritated by spiders. Others just hate them. However, all recognize the fact that there spiders exist and from time to time people meet them. Thus, we offer you a list of top-three largest spiders on the planet.

On the third position we place great Brazilian Salmon Birdeater. Notwithstanding the name, this spider doesn’t consume birds. It prefers lizards, insects, various mice, and different frogs. Brazilian Salmon Birdeater lives in tropical forests. Its leg span equals 10 inches. Frankly, this spider looks very aggressive.


The second place we give to the really huge Huntsman spider. It can reach 1 foot in length. His leg span equals 6 inches. These spiders naturally live in Asia, subtropical zones of Florida, California, and Texas. The interesting fact is how Huntsman spiders found themselves in the USA. They moved to the country by hiding in banana boxes, that is why they are also named Banana spiders. The scariest thing about Huntsman spiders is that they are very quick. They also can walk sideward scurrying up flawlessly flat exteriors like window glass, without any difficulties.


And finally we give you the largest spider on earth – Goliath Bird-Eating Tarantula. This very spider is really huge. It can easily consume various birds. Wow! The Tarantula is commonly one foot in body span and has one inch fangs. This amazing spider also has an impressive body mass. The Goliath possesses various small furs on its body that it sprouts at all that threats this spider. Of course, this spider can bite a man, but it is not that dangerous if you are not allergic.

Here is video from National Geographic channel