The biggest stadiums on earth ( +photos)

Millions of people throughout the world visit stadiums to support their beloved football teams every day. Therefore, we find it is necessary to give you the top-five biggest stadiums in the world list. Please note that these stadiums are only used for soccer.

The fifth place we gladly give to FNB Stadium that is located in Johannesburg (South Africa). This great stadium was the home of the World Cup 2010. It was erected in 1989, and renewed for the World Cup in 2009. The capacity of this arena is about 95 thousands of spectators. FNB Stadium is the home-based sport arena of the native football club “Kaizer Chiefs”.

Now we go to Barcelona where Camp Nou Stadium is situated. It is the home arena of “Barcelona”. The arena was erected in 1957. In 1982 it was extended to the capacity of about 100,000 spectators.


The third place goes to Azadi Stadium that is conveniently located in the capital of Iran – Tehran. Though this sport arena has no the biggest capacity it has the largest ground. This arena is declared to be one of possible homes for future Olympic Games. Having been erected 43 years ago, the stadium was renewed in 2003. Now over 100,000 viewers can seat at the stadium.


Estadio Azteca Stadium in on the second place. It is based in the capital of Mexico. Nowadays more than 107,000 watchers can seat at the stadium. In 1968 when Mexico football team played versus Brazil the biggest presence was recorded – 115,000. The arena was constructed in 1966, and renewed in 1985.

And the first Place goes to Salt Lake Stadium – the largest stadium on the planet. That is located in Kolkata (India). This sport arena has capacity 122,000 viewers. It was erected at the end of 1984. Several native football clubs play here. They are East Bengal, Prayag United, Mohun Bagan, and Pailan Arrows.