The largest airport on earth (photos + video)

The Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta Airport is the busiest and one of the largest airfields on earth. The airport itself is situated is eight miles south of the business area of Atlanta in the US. It was erected in 1925. A year later the first plane departed from Atlanta Airfield.

Since 1998 Atlanta Airport has become the busiest landing field by both traveller traffic and quantity of take-offs and landings. This airport the largest in many indicators: in the amount of passengers, quantity of flights, and accommodation of 97 million travellers (over 265 thousand every day). There are 207 international and national gates.


Hartsfield-Jackson Airport is a centre place for Southwest Airlines. It is also the key headquarter of Delta Airlines. More than a thousand of aircrafts departure and land form the airport daily. The airport has worldwide service to South, Central, and North America, Asia, Europe, Australia, and Africa. As an intercontinental entry to the USA Hartsfield–Jackson positions seventh.


Though the airport itself is generally situated in separate zones in Clayton and Fulton counties, it spreads into the city bounds of College Park, Atlanta, and Hapeville. The airport’s national terminal is functioned by the quickest inside transit system MARTA’s rail line.

Passengers state that this airport has very pleasant and welcoming personnel, and coming to Atlanta is always the greatest pleasure.

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