The largest airports in the world (photos + video)

The airfield business has changed extremely in the past years. Many airline companies throughout the world compete every day for transporting the most amounts of travellers for getting the maximum profit, of course. Now we are giving you the top-five list of the largest airports in the world. They all are classified by quantity of overall travellers.

On the fifth position we place Chicago O’Hare Airport. It is situated in Chicago, and proven to be the best airport in the US. Nowadays it the second major centre for American Airlines and it plays a tremendously important role in AA’s Midwest business. In 2013 nearly 67 million travellers passed through the airport.

The forth position we give to Tokyo Airport that is also identified as Haneda Airport. In 2013 it accepted more than 67,5 million of travellers. Haneda Airport used to work only for national flights traffic. Nevertheless the Japanese transport authority has recently opened a transnational terminal. Owing to the quantity of passengers increased enormously.


The prominent London Heathrow Airport is on the third place. It is rightly considered to be one of the major airports in the world, and the fullest airport in the UK. In 2013 the airport accepted over 70 million travellers. Heathrow is the centre of the British Airways.

The second fullest airport in the world in situated in China. It is world famous Beijing Capital Airport – the biggest landing field in Asia. It is the centre for such gigantic airlines as Hainan Airlines, Air China, and China Southern Airlines. In 2013 the Beijing Airport accepted more than 81 million travellers.


And finally, we give you the biggest world`s airport – Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport. In 2013 over 100 million passengers passed through the airport. The Hartsfield–Jackson Airport is one of the most significant airports on earth.

This is video about the largest airports in the world