The largest animals in the world ( +photos)

The animal realm is occupied by giants, starting form microbes to huge whales. Now we suggest you the list of top-five largest animals in the world. Please note that all these huge animals are mammals, four of them are herbivores, and one is marine inhabitant.

The fifth place goes to great Polar Bear. It is the world`s largest flesh-eater. Much of its bulk is fat. A bear needs much fat to resist the intense cold of its usual territory. Adult Polar bears usually weigh up to 1,400 pounds. Regardless of their natural weight and size, these animals are first-rate divers. Zoologists have recently documented a case when Polar bears were seen as far 62 miles from the seashore.

The forth position we give to Rhinoceros species. Nowadays there are 5 rhinoceros species: three in Asia, and 3 in Africa. And the African white rhino is the major on the planet. An adult animal weighs up to 2.6. They are of dim grey colour.


On the third position we place Hippopotamus. Just imagine: a baby Hippopotamus weighs about 900 pounds, and an adult animal`s weight reaches up to 4,2 tons. The term hippopotamus can be translates as “river horse”, because these animals spend in water more than 16 hours per day.


Elephants are the second largest animals in the world. They live in Africa and India. The biggest elephant ever documented weighed 10,3 tons and was 4,3 meters in height. African elephant babies are big too and it takes about two years for elephant-mother to carry a baby.

And the largest animals on earth are Whales. These huge mammals were first mentioned in the Old Testament. They also play huge role in Inuit formation myths. The largest whale registered by zoologists weighed 202 tons. People hunting on whales from the end of seventeenth century till 1985 fundamentally diminished the populations of the most whale species.