The largest aquapark on the planet (photos + video)

Tropical Islands Resort is the greatest waterpark located in in Krausnick (Germany). It is the largest waterpark in the world. It is situated in the previous Cargo Lifter aircraft store (Aerium). It is the largest separate hall on the planet.

Tropical Islands possesses a supreme volume of 6,200 guests for every day. In its first year of its work the waterpark was visited by nearly 989,000 people, rendering the data printed by the operators. The yearly summary report declares that Tropical Islands Resort had 165,000 guests for every year. Roughly 640 people work at this waterpark.

Tropical Islands is situated about 65 kilometres south of the centre of Berlin and 45 kilometres from the southern border of the city. This park has a significant atmosphere of rainforests and African deserts.


Tropical Islands was constructed by the Malaysian corporation “Tanjong”. The renewed Water Cube has a great number of water slides and rides, a gorgeous wave pool, and many spa zones.

There are also many kids` pools, Bali Lagoon, Tropical Sea, different spa centres, saunas, fitness centres and many other facilities for real rest and entertainment.


Tropical Islands Waterpark work all year round, all-day round. Real fun never ends here! At Tropical Islands, the fun never stops! If you plan visiting this park with your kids, we strongly also recommend you booking an accommodation beforehand. Because your kids will never allow you to leave the park the same day you enter it.

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Here is video from WorldWideNewsDaily channel