The largest bridges in the world ( +photos)

Today we propose you to look at the list of the largest bridges on our planet. Bridges always attract people who like taking amazing photos of sunsets and sunrises. For example, many tourists specially visit Budapest to watch its astonishing bridges. There are also plenty of sportsmen who admire jumping from bridges on a special rope. Therefore, let us get to know where the biggest bridges on the planet are located.

The biggest bridge in the world is Sidu River Bridge. It is situated in Hubei Province of China. This bridge has height that equals 1,627 feet. It is 4,010 feet long hold-up Bridge is the planet’s highest bridge ever since 2009. Sidu Bridge crosses all the basin of the Sidu River

The second largest bridge in the world is Baluarte Bridge. It was constructed in Mexico. The bridge is as high as 1,322 feet. Please note that it is cable-stayed bridge, which is situated lengthways the Durango road. The length of Baluarte Bridge equals 3,688 feet, most of which passes directly above the valley.

The third position in our list we give to Baling River Bridge. It was also erected on the territory of China in Guizhou Province. The bridge has the height of 1,225 feet. It extends above the Baling River Valley. The length of the bridge is 7,351 feet.


The Beipanjiang River Bridge is on the fourth largest bridge in the world. It is also erected in Chine in the same Guizhou Province. The bridge`s height equals 1,201 feet. It is a hold-up bridge. The Beipanjiang has a width of 388 metres. From the end of 2003 to the beginning of 2005 it was considered to be the largest bridge on the planet.


And finally, the fifth largest bridge on earth is as well can be found in Hunan (China). It is called Aizhai Bridge. The bridge has the height of 1,155 feet. This huge bridge is also was planned to be hold-up construction. The remarkable fact about this glorious construction is that this bridge is ranked number one as the planet`s lengthiest and highest tunnel-to-tunnel erection.