The largest buildings on the planet ( +photos)

One of the biggest buildings in the world is based in the capital of Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur. This building is named Petronas Twin Towers. These amazing twin high-rise buildings always attracts great amount of tourists. Till 1998 these twins were the largest in the world. The height of Petronas Twin Towers equals 1,484 feet. There are eighty-eight floors in the building.

Shanghai World Financial Center in Chine is another largest building on the planet. In this building there are many hotels, offices, shops, observation decks, and many other establishments. The height of the building equals 1,615 feet. There are one hundred and one floors there. This building is also known for its premier observation deck at 1,555 feet directly above earth.


Taipei 101 building in Taiwan is on the fourth place in the biggest building list. There are 101 floors above earth and five underground floors. The building height is about 1,670 feet. Taipei 101 is as well the major ecologically mindful high-rise building on the planet. In times of Taiwan national holidays this building is used for the basis of hugest fireworks.

The third largest construction on the planet is One World Trade Center that is in New-York city. There are over 104 floors there. It is stated to be the largest construction in the Western Hemisphere. The building is as long as 1,776 feet, referencing the exact year of the USA Independence – 1776.


Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel is the 2d largest building on earth. It is located in Mecca that is in Saudi Arabia. This building was erected as an attempt to update this sanctified city. This skyscraper is declared to be the biggest and the highest hotel on the planet. This is also the biggest clock-tower with the largest clock on the planet. The Makkah Royal Hotel is as height as 1,973 feet. There are one hundred and twenty floors in the hotel.

The biggest building on earth is Burj Khalifa. It is situated in amazing Dubai that is in United Arab Emirates. Its height is 2,725. There are one hundred and sixty-three floors there.