The largest cats on earth (photos + video)

Cats live all over the world – from the rainforests of Latin America to Russian taiga. Of course, when we speak about cats we first of all mean domestic cats. Nevertheless, tigers, lions, panthers, or leopards are also cats. And now we are going to tell you about the biggest cats on the planet. We hope you will never meet them in their natural environment.

We open our top-ten largest cats list with Caracal. These cat breed usually weigh up to 43 pounds. They usually live in the deserts of Central Asia, rainforests of South-western Asia, and Africa.

The ninth position goes to great Clouded Leopard. The normal weight of this adult cat is 52 pounds. These perfect cats can be met in the southern districts of the Himalayas everywhere in Bhutan, Nepal, and some territories of North-eastern India

Eurasian Lynx cat is on the eighth place. This cat usually weighs 81 pounds. These cats usually live in the vast territories starting from Western Europe to Central Asia.

The seventh place in our top-ten biggest cats list belongs to Cheetah. This adult cat weighs 121 pounds. Their natural environment can be found in Northern Iran and Sub-Saharan Africa.


Leopards are on the sixth position. These huge cats usually inhabit many territories of Asia and Africa. Adult leopards commonly weigh from 135 to 149 pounds.

The top-five largest cats list opens Snow Leopard. Their weight may reach up to 179 pounds. Snow leopards occupy many territories stretching from Tibet and North-western China to Central Asia.

The forth place belongs to great Cougar (Mountain Lion). These cats commonly weigh 255 – 275 pounds. These cats may be found in enormous regions from South-eastern Alaska to Chile and Argentina.


Jaguar cat is on the third place. These cute cats live in the wild districts of New Mexico and Arizona, North-eastern Brazil and Northern Argentina. Adult jaguars usually weigh from 295 to 320 pounds.

The King Lion takes the second position in our biggest cats list. These cats normally weigh from 550 to 640 pounds, and occupy the vast territories of Sub-Saharan Africa.

And finally we give you the largest cat on earth – Siberian Tiger. These cats can weigh from 920 to 1100 pounds. Their natural environment is Korea, North-eastern China, Russia, and some districts of India, Nepal, and the Himalayas.

This is video top 10 the largest cats on earth