The largest country on the planet (photos + video)

Most people, who have never been to Russia, think that it is a country where huge bears drink vodka and play balalaika. Nevertheless, it is not that true. Russia is the largest country in the world. The territory of the country equals 6,602,664 square miles. It is located in Eurasia. It is a centralized presidential republic including eighty three federal subjects. Vladimir Putin is the president of the country. The territory of Russia covers over one-eighth of the planet`s area.


The capital is Moscow, and more than 143 million people live in the country.

The country has a very complicated and at the same time rich history. Its history is closely connected with Normans and the East Slavs, who appeared as a distinguishable group in Europe amid the 3rd and 8th centuries.

Russia today is a prosperous country. Its economy ranks eighth biggest by minimal GDP. It is as well sixth biggest country by buying power equivalence.

There are a great amount of energy and mineral resources on its territory. Russia has the biggest natural gas reserves on the planet. It is also the major oil producer.


Russia also has nuclear weapons and owns the leading store of arms of mass destruction. Russia is a very powerful country. It is the everlasting member of the UN Security Council, G20 and G8, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, and the Council of Europe, and participates in many other worldwide activities.

In winter 2014, Olympic Games are being held in Russia.

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This is video about the largest country on the planet