The largest diamond on the planet (photos + video)

The Cullinan I is presently the biggest diamond ever found on the planet. The weight of this precious stone equals 3.107 carats.

The stone was discovered in the Premier mine in South Africa. The owner of the mine was Thomas Cullinan. Cullinan I was found at the end of January 1905 when officer Frederick Wells made his everyday check-up. The stone was just 8,5 metres from the surface. Firstly Wells thought that mineworkers played jokes to him. He picked the stone and pried it with a knife.

And suddenly he saw that unabridged stone started to become flawlessly clear and colourless diamond. It weighed 3,107 carats. It length was 37/7 inches; width is 21/5 inches, and height 25/9 inches.


Experts of the precious stone market state that Cullinan I initially was bigger. They conclude that experts ever since one side of the mineral was flat the stone was sliced by natural forces. Soon after discovery, Cullinan I was traded to the Transvaal Government for one hundred and fifty-five pounds. Personally, Wells was paid a reward of three thousand and four hundred pounds. After it, the Diamond was gifted for 66th birthday anniversary to the great King Edward the VII in 1907.


The Cullinan is known not just for its enormous size, but also for it was perfect inside. The diamond was shaped into nine big diamonds and ninety-six brilliants. The biggest stone which is as well named as the “Great Star of Africa”, is the biggest recognized pale diamond jewel. This Diamond is also a pear formed stone mounted in the club of the British Crown Jewels. Now it is located in London Tower. The second largest pale diamond The Cullinan II is placed into the state Crown of the Great Britain. And the Cullinan III and IV are placed into Queen Elizabeth`s crown.

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