The largest dog on earth (photos + video)

The Anatolian Shepherd dog breed was invented in Anatolia. It was further developed as a breed in the United States. These dogs are very rocky, huge and strong. They have outstanding sight and hearing letting them protecting cattle. Anatolian Shepherds have high quickness.

The Karabash dog is inclined from antique cattle protector dog breeds that travelled with the guarding flocks of sheep from bears, wolves, and jackals. These type of dogs existed 5,500 years ago in Turkey.

In the 1970s many western breeders became concerned in Anatolian Shepherds. They began to develop the landrace natural breeds as modern breeds by recording their origin from specific descendants and lettering breed criterions. The Anatolian Shepherds were firstly exported from central Turkey into the UK by the prominent archaeologist Mr. Charmian Hussey. Although the first pair of dogs brought in by Charmian Hussey were exactly Karabash dogs. Years passed by and dog breeds were brought in. Numerous Turkish breeders are certain of the fact that Anatolian Shepherds are a special cross of the Akbash dog and the Kangal dog.


The Anatolian Shepherds are a well-developed breed. All animals have wide heads, dense necks, and strong bodies. They as well have tight to their muzzle lips and three-sided droplet ears. Male species usually stand 32 – 39 inches tall, and females are from 28 to 33 inches. Anatolian Shepherds usually weigh from 97 to 170 pounds.


These dogs are very devoted, reliable, and serve as perfect guards.

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