The largest fish in the world ( +photos)

From the time when huge fish started eating people they have become a great fear to manhood. Of course, when a huge fish gets hungry it needs to eat, and occasionally Homo sapiens are being eaten. Now we offer you the top-three list of the biggest freshwater wish on earth so that you know which fish to avoid.

The third position in our list goes to Sturgeon fish. It usually reaches in size up to 25 feet. The usual weigh of a sturgeon is about 1820 pounds. Therefore, be ready for the fact that these fish might be much lengthier than your boat. But do not be scared too fast as sturgeons are herbivores and merely eat plants and minor algae. There is a White Sturgeon which gladly eats everything what is available at the moment. But do not be afraid – they have no teeth, and these fish usually do not attack people.


On the second position we place wonderful Stingray Species. They are factually named “huge river stingray”. Just imagine: an adult fish weighs for about 2100 pounds. That is about ten people worth in heaviness alone. And it is really a frightening amount for something to be spinning in our lakes and rivers. These fish are tremendously huge and may reach up o things are huge and can be up to 27 feet wide. Stingray Species naturally live nearly everywhere in Asia, and in most freshwater basins around the world.


And finally we propose you to meet with the largest freshwater fish on the planet. It is called Beluga. It also belongs to the sturgeon family. This fish can be met in many territories of Asia. An average length of the fish is 35 feet. And the usual weigh is just overwhelming – about 3100 pounds. This fish does not eat human beings either as it might seem to some observers.

Therefore, if these numbers do not make you fear, then we are the only people to be afraid of swimming now.