The largest lakes on earth (+photos)

Our planet has the astonishing amount of lakes. Hence, we would like you to look at the largest by area lakes on earth.

Caspian Sea is undoubtedly the largest lake on earth. This lake area is 143,23 thousand square miles. It is surrounded by Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, and Iran. It is a so called oceanic lake while all other lakes in our list are continental.

The second largest is Lake Superior. It occupies area of about 32 thousand square miles. It is placed in the USA and Canada.

The third position we give to Lake Victoria which is the biggest one in Africa. It is surrounded by Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda. The area of the lake is approximately 27 thousand square miles.

Watercan Kenya

The forth position goes to Lake Huron the area of which is about 23 thousand square miles. The lake as well contains the world’s biggest lake island – Manitoulin.

The top-five list closes Lake Michigan. It is situated in the USA. The lake occupies the territory of over 22 thousand square miles. The biggest cities in the USA such as Milwaukee and Chicago are situated on its shores.


Lake Tanganyika in Africa is on the sixth place. It is similarly the world longest lake – 422 miles. Lake Tanganyika is separated amongst four states: the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, Zambia, and Burundi. The entire area of the lake is near 12,800 thousand square miles.

Russian Lake Baikal is on the seventh position in our to-ten list. It occupies 12,22 thousand square miles. The lake is as well the deepest one on the planet.

The eighth place we give to Great Bear Lake that covers the territory of 12 thousand square miles. It is located in Canada.

Lake Malawi is located between Mozambique, Malawi, and Tanzania. The lake area is 11,5 thousand square miles.

And the last but not least area in our top-ten list is Great Slave Lake that occupies 11,1 thousand square miles of the Canadian territory.