The largest mountains on earth ( +photos)

Mountains have always been attracting people. Every year many alpinists try to conquer the peaks of the biggest mountains on the planet. And now we offer you the list of the largest mounts.

Our list opens with Mount Elbrus. It is a latent volcano situated in the western Caucasus in Russia, near the boundary of Georgia. Its top is the highest in Europe.

The ninth place goes to Carstensz Pyramid mount. This mount maximum height is 4,885 metres. It is located in Indonesia.

The eighth place we give to Vinson Massif. It the largest mount in Antarctica. Its height is 4,893 metres.

Pico de Orizaba Mount is on the seventh position in our list. It is the largest mount in Mexico and the 3d largest in North America. Its height equals 5,636 metres. It is located on the on the boundary amid the states of Puebla and Veracruz.


The sixth position goes to the largest mount in Canada – Logan. It is also stated to be the 2d biggest top in North America. Its height equals 5959.

The Pico Cristobal Colon is the premier mountain in Colombia, thus, we rank it fifth in our list. The height of this mount equals 5,710 metres.

Kilimanjaro Mount in Africa goes to the fourth place. It is highest point reaches 5,895 metres. Scientists state that all Kilimanjaro snowy peaks started to melt due to global warming. So, you want to climb the mount and take photos of its amazing peak, hurry up!


The third place we give to the largest mount in North America – Mount McKinley. The homeland of this marvellous mount is Alaska. The maximum mount height is 6,194 metres.

Aconcagua mount is ranked second in our list. Its uppermost height is 6,961 metres. To climb Aconcagua you will have to buy ticket to Argentina. The mount is located near Mendoza city.

And finally – Qomolangma or Everest is the planet’s largest mountain. Its highest equals 8,848 metres. The mount should be found in Himalayas near Nepal.