The largest plane in the world (photos + video)

Ukrainian aircraft “Mriya” An-225 (“Inspiration” or “Dream” in Ukrainian) is proven to be the largest flying machine in the world. The unique thing is that there is just one plane in the world.

Professional point of view declares that “Mriya” is a tactical transport aircraft created by the reputable Antonov Design Office in the late 1980s. It is branded to be the weightiest aircraft ever made. Its design, constructed to carry the Buran, was a broadening of the very much popular An-124 which was designed at the same Bureau.

Just imagine – the length of this transport jet is 275 feet (approximately 85 metres)! Unbelievable! The plane`s height is about 18.2 metres and wingspan is 290 feet (88.5 metres). Antonov Bureau experts state that originally, “Mriya” was used as the leading technique of bringing the Buran Shuttle to orbiter. Therefore, the jet`s lifting ability had to be over two hundred and fifty tons.


After all flying tests had been successfully passed, on December 21, 1988 “Mriya” made its debut flight. Please also note that though “Mriya” was not constructed to break records but it broke over one hundred and ten world records. On May, 1990 this jet made its debut commercial flight. The super-plane was hired to deliver the heaviest in the USSR tractor T-800, which weighed over a hundred tons, was delivered to Yakutia Republic from Chelyabinsk.

After the USSR collapse this only super aircraft made its last flight in 1994. And thus many parts of the plane were taken apart and used on various other jets. Nevertheless by the 2001 it was completely restored with the help of some definite Ukrainian corporations. Therefore, the aircraft was modified to meet all technical requirements of the jets for civil aeronautics. And 7th of May in 2001 is the 2d birthday of this biggest plane in the world.


Nowadays Antonov Constructing Bureau has been working on building of another “Mriya” if they do not be disappointed with the financing. At the moment the plane is ready for 75%: fuselage, the centre wing-section, and one wing stayed from the Soviet times. The Antonov Bureau needs about 145 million dollars to finish the largest jet in the world.

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Video about “Mriya” An-225