The largest rivers in the world (photos + video)

There are plenty of huge and small rivers on our planet. For some people ricers are just the great place to have rest in, but there are many countries in the world that prey for rivers, for they have no water at all. And thus we suggest you to have a deep look at the list of top-five biggest rivers on earth.

The fifth position we give to Brahmaputra River. It flows across Bangladesh. It begins in south-western Tibet, flows over the Himalayas, and then over Bangladesh. This river is over 1,820 miles long. It is used for two great purposes: irrigation and transportation. Brahmaputra River is respected and worshiped very much in the region.

The forth place we give to great and extremely adored Yangtze River. Please keep in mind that this is the lengthiest river in Asia. Its length is about 3,903 miles. Yangtze flows into East China Sea. The river is mostly famous for its flooding, and barriers that were erected to stop water from flowing outer of the river’s banks.


The great Orinoco River flows in South America through the territories of Venezuela and Colombia. It is the lengthiest river on the Latin America continent. Therefore, we give Orinoco the third place in our top-five list. The river is 1,325 miles long. Orinoco flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

The Congo is the second biggest river on earth. It also has another name – Zaire River. Congo is the longest river in Central Africa. The Congo River is 2,822 miles long. And it is the most influential river in Africa continent.


The Amazon is the world biggest river. It is the queen of all rivers on the planet. The river is situated in South America. Owing to its length, the Amazon River may stand for minimum fifth part of the whole river flow on the planet.

The interesting fact about Amazon River is that the river is so huge and wide that there is no exact place on the river where a bridge can be built.

Video about the largest rivers in the world