The largest ship on earth (photos + video)

“Freedom Ship” is considered to be the largest ship in the world. Basically, it is a moving city project that was primarily suggested in 1998. The project itself got its name for the “free” worldwide life enabled by a movable sea colony. This magnificent project would not be a conservative vessel, but somewhat a sequence of connected barges.

The “Freedom Ship” is about 1,400 meters long, evaluating 2.8 million tons. It is a combined city with a special apartment house for about fifty thousand people. There is also a runway to house turboprop jet, tax-free shopping and many other services.


In 1999 the “Freedom Ship” primarily projected the remaining cost for building to be 6 billion dollars. Nevertheless, estimations had increased to 11 billion dollars by the end of 2002. In July 2008 newspapers tried to explain the trouble of gaining trustworthy commercial support. Finally, at the end of November 2013, the building company proclaimed that the project that was at that time estimated of 10 billion dollars was restored to life; however that building had not so far started.


Notwithstanding primary press reporting on Discovery Channel, for example, the project itself has seen been developed for several times. Though the originally detailed work-related date was supposed to be 2001, no building had begun till present time.

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This is video about “Freedom ship” the largest ship on earth