The largest snake in the world (photos + video)

Anacondas are rightly considered to be the largest snakes. These giant snakes are often shown in numerous horror films where they scare moviegoers with the ability of swallowing the adults. (The best example is “Anaconda”, 1997).

Green anaconda is the weightiest and the lengthiest snake that can reach 24 feet in length. Further distinctive established examples in fact range up to 17 feet. The normal adult green anaconda is 16-18 feet. The longest to be known is approximately 28 ft. The weightiest one found was 545 lbs.


Informations about anacondas which reach from 36 to 43 feet or even lengthier as well happen. However, such reports must be looked upon with great attention, as no examples of such sizes have ever been placed in a museum and hard proof is missing. Just imagine that there is a fifty thousand dollar money prize is suggested for anybody who catches an anaconda 33 feet or even lengthier.


The colour form of this snake contains olive green background covered with dark marks lengthways the whole body. These snakes have quite narrow heads compared to their bodies. They commonly have distinguishing yellow striping on each side. Their eyes are situated very high on the head. It lets a snake watching out of the water in the process of swimming without revealing its huge body.

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Video about Anaconda the largest snake in the world