The largest stadium on the planet (photos + video)

Salt Lake Stadium is the largest stadium in Asia and in the whole planet. It is based in Kolkata (West Bengal, India). The arena is used for athletics and football games. It was constructed in 1984. The Salt Lake arena`s capacity is 122,000 watchers in 3-tier structure.

The stadium`s roof is built of metal pipes and aluminium pieces and concrete. The stadium has two magnificent control rooms and automatic score boards.

The area of the arena is 76.40 acres. It was initiated at the beginning of 1984. There are various commentary and press boxes, numerous platforms for television cameras, dorms, sportsmen’ changing rooms, training grounds for cricket and football, ultra gymnasium, and many other sport facilities.


The organizational and architectural project of the arena was designed by the joint group of the best consultants in the world. The sport track was organized by Reckortan Track, located in Germany. And one of the best and the high-priced electronic displays were provided by Electro Impex Company that is based in Hungary. Somnath Ghosh is the leading engineer of the arena.

At the northern side of the stadium there is an alpinism wall preserved by the Mountaineering and Adventure Sports Foundation of west Bengal.


The stadium was honourably opened in 1984 with the J. Nehru Intercontinental Cup Soccer Competition. Meanwhile, the Salt Lake arena was the home for numerous significant intercontinental competitions like admired Super-Soccer’s Cup, amazing the Pre-World Cup Tournament, Third S.A.F. games, great Charminar Challenger Trophy, and many others. The stadium is also home for diverse folk festivals, music and dance concerts.

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