The largest waterfall in the world (photos + video)

When people speak about the biggest waterfalls on earth they usually mean Iguazu Falls. This huge system of falls is located on the Iguazu River on Argentine and Brazil border. These Falls split the river into the lower and upper Iguazu.

There are over 270 various cascades and waterfalls in the system of Iguazu Falls. The most imposing one is a U-shaped cascade labelled “The Devil’s Throat”. It has fourteen falls dropping over 340 feet.

In 2011 the Falls were proclaimed as one of the prize holders of the New Wonders of Nature. The interesting fact is that Iguacu Falls is broader than Victoria Falls. But the latter is stated bigger since its water screen is fewer interrupted by stony crags and islands.


There are many interesting facts about Iguazu Falls. Countless shadowy swifts can be watched falling straight into the cascades. Moreover, the little risk-takers frequently nest in arrears the falls, looking for shelter from hunters behind the hangings of falling water.

From the end of autumn till the beginning of spring the season of rains starts at the region of Iguazu Falls. At that very time the quantity of water falling over the cascades may extent to 470,000 cubic feet for every second.


If you climb at a certain point lengthways the edge of the Falls, you will have an opportunity to be enclosed by 270 grades of waterfalls.

And the most interesting episode in the history of Iguazu Falls took place when First Lady of the USA Eleanor Roosevelt came to observe the Falls. When she saw Iguazu for the very first time, she screamed “Poor Niagara!”.

This is video about the largest waterfall in the world