The largest waterfalls on earth (photos + video)

Waterfalls are just amazing! Thousands of people from the whole world come to admire the biggest and the highest waterfalls. To help you visit the best waterfalls on the planet we prepare the list of top-five largest waterfalls on earth.

On the fifth place we put Angel Falls Plunging waterfall. It is based in great Venezuela tropical forests. Angel Falls is known to be the longest waterfall in the world at the moment. Actually, its presence challenges logic as it starts on the damp mist forest on the flat terrain of the tepuy.

The fourth place goes to Plitvice Waterfalls. It is situated in the district of Northern Dalmatia in Croatia. The biggest waterfalls here is Veliki slap – the Large Waterfall. It is located at the Lower Lakes. It is 79 metres in height. There is also Galovački buk waterfall that is situated at the Upper Lakes. Its height is 3 metres.


The third place goes to the prominent Niagara Falls. Niagara is the most prominent falls in North America. It also positions as the largest one by capacity with a whopping usual of almost 7200 cubic meters for each second. Actually, Niagara Falls is the cooperative name for 3 huge waterfalls that are on both sides of the USA and Canada border. The highest waterfall is 59 metres in height.


The second place in our list we give ti Victoria Falls. This monumental masterpiece is located in Livingstone on the territory of Zambia in Africa. This great waterfall is stated to be the largest particular falls in the world covering a breadth of 1.75 kilometres. Its height is about 109 metres. Just imagine: Victoria Falls’ capacity is about 1,000,000 litres of water for every second. This gorgeous waterfall is also called “smoke that thunders”. It is one of the 7 natural marvels of the world and is included into UNESCO Heritage list.

And the first place in the top-five biggest waterfall list we give to Iguazu Falls. It is situated in Brazil. It covers the territory of 2 kilometres. There are over 270 various cascades and waterfalls in the system of Iguazu Falls.

This is video top 5 the largest waterfalls on earth