The tallest man on earth (photos + video)

The highest man on the Planet – Robert Wadlow – was born in Illinois. He grew up in an ordinary American family. Fate often rewards some people and punishes others. Until the end of his life Robert greatly suffered from its excessive height. Consequently, for the worldwide fame he paid too heavy price.

When Robert passed away, his height reached 8 feet and 11.1 inches, and his weigh was about 441 pounds. The reason of Robert`s unlimited size and continuous growing in middle age was hyperplasia of his glands. It soon resulted in an uncharacteristically extraordinary level of growth hormone.

Wadlow had been suffering from his height all his short life. He constantly needed leg supports to walk. Robert had slight feeling in his feet. Notwithstanding these problems, Wadlow refused from a wheelchair.


Robert was quite a superstar. In 1936 he participated in the Ringling Brothers Circus Tour around the USA. Two years later he also took part in another promo journey. Despite his illness, Robert liked such trips where he had a perfect opportunity to be examined by various doctors. He actually kept on joining various tours and public appearances. Moreover, many shoe producing companies competed against each other for making shoes for Mr. Wadlow. You may always watch his shoes at the Museum of History and Art in Alton.


The highest man was a mason. Therefore, he appealed Franklin Lodge in Alton in 1938, for he really believed that only the severest conspiracy is able to save the world from crisis. Hence, in November 1939 he was awarded a Master Mason Degree under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Illinois. He got a special mason ring that is now considered to be the biggest ever produced.

Robert Wadlow will always be remembered in the history of medicine as the tallest man from seventeen known men in history who reached 8 feet.

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