Top-five largest whales – the biggest animals (photos + video)

The water is possibly one of the most captivating miracles of the world, and all the species that live in water are much more exciting. Whales are the biggest mammals on the planet. Though they all have huge size, whales are nearly the friendliest creatures humans have ever faced to. Now we offer you top-five largest whales list on earth.

The list starts with Bowhead Whale. These creatures usually weigh from 45 to 58 tons. Their length is up to 68 feet. For these whales naturally live in Arctic waters, these mammals are also named Greenland or Arctic. Scientists state that only about 23500 Bowhead whales presently live on the planet.

bowheadwhale biggest largest whale

The fourth largest whale on the planet is Sperm Whale. This mammal has the most amounts of teeth. It is so named because there is much spermaceti in its colossal head. It weighs up to 65 tons, and lengths up to 70 feet. Please consider the fact that Sperm Whale has the biggest brain of any other animal on the planet. These mammals commonly live in cold Antarctic waters.

The third place we give to Right Whale. It is considered to be the most horrible whale among others because his head is covered by different callosities and worms. These whales usually reach up to 62 feet and weigh up to 105 tons.

Finback Whale is the second largest whale on earth. These mammals can reach 95 feet in length and weigh up to 78 tons. Finback Whale is as well named razorback and the fin whale. Scientists also call this great mammal the greyhound of the sea because it has quite slim body. It is of brown and dark grey colour. Regrettably, these whales have been hunted very much recently, and they amount has decreased greatly.

finbackwhale biggest largest whale

And finally, the first place in our top-five largest whales list on earth goes to Blue Whale. This amazing mammal is both the biggest whale and the animal on the planet. Just imagine: this whale`s usual weigh is 135 – 155 tons. These creatures have from 120 – 140 feet long.

Video about the biggest whales on the planet