Best answer: What is the largest drainage basin by discharge in Canada?

Canada has five ocean drainage basins. The largest by far is the Hudson Bay basin; the smallest, situated in the southern Prairies, flows via the Missouri and Mississippi rivers into the Gulf of Mexico.

What is the largest drainage basin?

The Amazon Basin, in northern South America, is the largest in the world. The Amazon River and all of its tributaries drain an area more than 7 million square kilometers (about 3 million square miles).

How many major drainage basins are there in Canada?

Canada has six major drainage basins: the Arctic, Pacific, Western Hudson Bay and Mississippi, South and East Hudson Bay, Great Lakes–St Lawrence and Atlantic.

What is a drainage basin and where are the 5 major drainage basins in Canada?

A drainage basin is an area that drains all precipitation received as a runoff or base flow (groundwater sources) into a particular river or set of rivers. Canada’s major drainage regions are the Atlantic Ocean, Hudson Bay, Arctic Ocean, Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Mexico.

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What are the 2 largest river basins in the world?

The five largest river basins (by area), from largest to smallest, are the basins of the Amazon (7M km2), the Congo (4M km2), the Nile (3.4M km2), the Mississippi (3.22M km2), and the Río de la Plata (3.17M km2). The three rivers that drain the most water, from most to least, are the Amazon, Ganga, and Congo rivers.

What are the 5 major drainage basins in North America?

The basins are the Atlantic Seaboard basin, the Gulf of Mexico basin, the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence basin, the Pacific basin, the Arctic basin, the Hudson Bay basin, and the Great Basin. Together, the principal basins span the continent with the exception of numerous smaller endorheic basins.

What is the difference between catchment area and drainage basin?

Drainage basin – the area of land drained by a river. Catchment area – the area within the drainage basin. Watershed – the edge of highland surrounding a drainage basin which marks the boundary between two drainage basins.

Which river has the largest drainage area in Canada?

The Arctic drainage basin is dominated by the Mackenzie River, Canada’s longest river, which flows 2,635 miles (4,241 km) from its source to its mouth. With its many tributaries, it drains 690,000 square miles (1,800,000 square km). The St. Lawrence is the largest river flowing into the Atlantic Ocean.

What are the 5 main watersheds in Canada?

Canada has 5 ocean watersheds: The Arctic, Atlantic, Hudson Bay, Pacific, and the Gulf of Mexico. All of Canada’s water is drained into these 5 areas before reaching the sea.

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Are oceans drainage basins?

Ocean Basins

Ocean drainage basins are comprised of large river, lake and other types of basins that ultimately drain into an ocean. … Water also flows to this basin from most of South America, central and Western Europe, and Sub-Saharan Africa. The seas of the Mediterranean also are part of the Atlantic Ocean basin.

What is the difference between river basin and drainage basin?

When used as nouns, drainage basin means a topographic region in which all water drains to a common outlet, whereas river basin means an extent of land where water from rain or snow melt drains downhill into a river or series of rivers.

What other linked systems are included in a drainage basin?

Drainage Basins

Outputs include channel runoff, evapotranspiration and groundwater flow.

What is the meaning of drainage basin?

Drainage basin, also called catchment area, or (in North America) watershed, area from which all precipitation flows to a single stream or set of streams. … The boundary between drainage basins is a drainage divide: all the precipitation on opposite sides of a drainage divide will flow into different drainage basins.

Which is the largest river in the world?


  • Nile: 4,132 miles.
  • Amazon: 4,000 miles.
  • Yangtze: 3,915 miles.

Which river has the largest basin in India?

There are 20 river basins/draining areas, large and small, in India. The Ganga basin is the largest.

Where are basins located?

The Great Basin is the largest area of contiguous endorheic watersheds in North America. It spans nearly all of Nevada, much of Oregon and Utah, and portions of California, Idaho, Wyoming, and Baja California, Mexico.

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