Frequent question: What is the shortest reign in history?

In July 1830, Louis-Antoine of France – the last “Dauphin”, or heir apparent – ascended the French throne as King Louis XIX, succeeding his father, Charles X, who had abdicated. Within 20 minutes, however, Louis-Antoine had also abdicated, making him the joint shortest reigning monarch in history.

Who has the shortest reign in history?

The prize for the shortest-reigning king goes to Louis-Antoine of France, who very briefly became king in 1830 when his father Charles X abdicated. Louis-Antoine considered his position for 20 minutes before signing papers to confirm that he, too, was abdicating.

What Queen had the shortest reign?

The shortest-reigning monarch was Lady Jane Grey who ruled for 9 days from 6 July until 15 July 1553 (although she was only proclaimed queen by the Lords of the council on 10 July).

Which monarch ruled the shortest?

Louis XIX, allegedly King of France for Twenty minutes in 1830 and the shortest reigning-monarch in history.

Monarchs who reigned for less than a week.

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Monarch Louis XIX
Dynasty Bourbon
Reign began 2 August 1830
Reason for accession Abdication of his father, Charles X, after the July Revolution.

Who was the king for 15 minutes?


Louis Antoine, Duke of Angoulême House of Bourbon Cadet branch of the Capetian dynasty Born: 6 August 1775 Died: 3 June 1844
Regnal titles
Preceded by Charles X King of France and Navarre (disputed) 2 August 1830 for fifteen or twenty minutes July Revolution in progress
French royalty

Who was the pope for the longest time?

Pope Pius IX. Pius IX (Italian: Pio IX; born Giovanni Maria Mastai Ferretti; 13 May 1792 – 7 February 1878) was head of the Catholic Church from 1846 to 1878, the longest papal reign.

Who was the longest reigning monarch in history?

As of 11 December 2020, Queen Elizabeth II had reigned without interruption for 68 years 309 days. Queen Elizabeth II became the longest-reigning living monarch on 13 October 2016, upon the death of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand.

Who ruled England the longest?

Queen Elizabeth II became the longest-reigning British monarch on 9 September 2015 when she surpassed the reign of her great-great-grandmother Victoria. On 6 February 2017 she became the first British monarch to celebrate a Sapphire Jubilee, commemorating 65 years on the throne.

What is the name of Queen Elizabeth’s youngest son?

Prince Edward, earl of Wessex, in full Edward Anthony Richard Louis, earl of Wessex and Viscount Severn, (born March 10, 1964, London, England), youngest child of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, duke of Edinburgh.

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How old do you have to be to be king?

In 1952 King George VI died and was succeeded by his daughter, Queen Elizabeth II. With her eldest son and heir apparent, Prince Charles, under the age of 21, the Regency Act 1937 would provide for the next person over the age of 21 in the line of succession, the Queen’s sister Princess Margaret, to act as regent.

How long has Prince Charles been king?

Prince Charles was created Prince of Wales on 26 July 1958, some six years after he became heir apparent, and had to wait another 11 years for his investiture, on 1 July 1969. The title Prince of Wales is nowadays always conferred along with the Earldom of Chester.

Who was the greatest British monarch?

William I conquered England. This brave, brutal, illiterate but clever Norman warlord attained at the battle of Hastings (14 October 1066) the most durable victory of any monarch in English history. At the head of 5,000 knights, he made himself master of a kingdom with perhaps 1.5 million inhabitants.

Who was the youngest ruler in history?

King Oyo of Toro, Uganda, currently holds the world record for youngest reigning monarch — he was only 3 when he was crowned, and is currently 27. Oyo, who leads the Toro kingdom of Uganda, was crowned in 1995, at age 3.

What is the shortest reigning pope?

Photos: Shortest-reigning popes

  • Pope Marcellus II reigned for 22 days in 1555. …
  • Pope Damasus II reigned for 24 days in 1048. …
  • Pope Pius III reigned for 27 days in 1503. …
  • Pope Leo XI also reigned for 27 days in 1605. …
  • Pope Benedict V was the first to reign for 33 days in 964. …
  • Pope John Paul I also reigned for 33 days before his death in 1978.
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Which one is the shortest reigning king in Vietnam?

3 Emperor Duc Duc Of Vietnam

Emperor Duc Duc was both emplaced and executed by the same people after ruling Vietnam for only three days in July 1883.

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