What country has the safest roads?

The safest roads were in Sweden (22 deaths/million inhabitants) and Ireland (29/million), while Romania (96/million), Bulgaria (89/million) and Poland (77/million) reported the highest fatality rates in 2019.

What is the safest country to drive in?

The world’s safest countries to drive

  • San Marino – 0 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants.
  • Micronesia – 1.8.
  • Maldives – 1.9.
  • Norway – 2.9.
  • Sweden – 3.
  • Denmark – 3.
  • Palestinian territories – 3.2.
  • Israel – 3.3.

Which country has safest road safety management?

I cover road safety and consumer travel. Only two road traffic deaths per 100, 000 inhabitants were reported in Norway in 2019, making the Scandinavian nation the best-performing country for road safety.

Which country has best roads in world?

UAE. The emirates, according to the words of the experts, is the country with the best roads in the world.

Which country has the lowest road deaths?

France registered its lowest number of road fatalities on record in 2019, although the number was only marginally smaller than for 2018. Over the past decade, the number of road deaths has fallen by 19%.

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What is the most deadliest country?

Ranking of countries based on change in violence, less

Rank Country Sum of Score
1 Afghanistan 1.64
2 Iraq 1.44
3 Yemen 1.1
4 Burundi 0.86

Which country has no traffic rules?

Kingdom of Happiness, Bhutan, doesn’t have a traffic lights. In the entire nation there is only one traffic signal in Thimphu, Bhutan’s capital, and that too controlled by hand signals.

How safe is the Autobahn?

Is the Autobahn safest? Research by the Federal Highway Research Institute states that the Autobahn experiences fewer vehicle-related fatalities than the U.S. This means this German highway experiences fewer deaths per billion miles traveled than American highways.

Which country has less accidents?

European nations like Norway, Sweden and Switzerland all have less than 4 accidents per 1,00,000 people (in India it is 16.6) because of proper implementation of regulations that reduce deaths due to traffic accidents.

Who has the worst roads in the world?

Around 200 to 300 people die on Bolivia’s North Yungas Road every year. The North Yungas Road, nicknamed “Death Road,” frequently earns the title of the world’s most dangerous highway.

Which country has highest road deaths?

Road Traffic Accidents

1 Zimbabwe 61.90
2 Liberia 52.03
3 Malawi 51.62
4 Gambia 47.51
5 Togo 46.62

What is the most beautiful road in the world?


  • Stelvio Pass, Italy.
  • Atlantic Road, Norway.
  • Transfagarasan, Romania.
  • California State Route 1, USA.
  • Garden Route, South Africa.
  • Great Ocean Road, Australia.
  • Milford Road, New Zealand.

Where do the most car accidents happen?

Where do Most Car Accidents Happen?

  • Close to Home. According to a Progressive Insurance study published in 2004, as many as 52 percent of all nonfatal car accidents occur within five miles of a person’s home. …
  • Rural Roads. …
  • Intersections. …
  • Rush Hour Traffic. …
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