Quick Answer: What Is The Heaviest Maine Coon Cat On Record?

25 pounds

How much does the biggest Maine Coon cat weigh?

25 pounds

What’s the biggest Maine Coon cat on record?

Stewie, a gray tabby Maine Coon, holds the record for world’s longest domestic cat. His full name is Mymains Stewart Gilligan and he measured 48.5 inches long (123 cm). That’s more than four feet long!

What size do Maine Coon cats grow to?

The coon cat can grow until they are about 4 years old! The male Maine Coon is larger than the female usually. The size of a full grown male Coon cat is typically 15-25 pounds, while the female averages between 10-5 pounds. The height of the male cat is 10-16 inches and be about 40 inches long.

What is the heaviest house cat in the world?


Photo in the article by “Flickr” https://www.flickr.com/photos/my_public_domain_photos/30859283588

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