Quick Answer: What Is The Largest City In South Dakota?

What is the second largest city in South Dakota?

South Dakota – Largest Cities

Name Population
1 Sioux Falls 171,544
2 Rapid City 73,569
3 Aberdeen 28,102
4 Brookings 23,657

6 more rows

What is the population of South Dakota 2018?

In 2019, the estimated population of South Dakota is 885,914. The current population of South Dakota is estimated at 858,469, which shows an increase from the 2010 Census.

What is the smallest city in South Dakota?

2017 Rank City 2010 Census
1 Sioux Falls † 153,888
2 Rapid City † 67,956
3 Aberdeen † 26,091
4 Brookings † 22,056

76 more rows

What is South Dakota best known for?

The Black Hills are the highest mountains east of the Rockies. Mt. Rushmore, in this group, is famous for the carvings of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt by Gutzon Borglum. A memorial to Crazy Horse is also being carved in granite near Custer.

What’s the state capital of South Dakota?


What are some interesting facts about South Dakota?

25 Rugged Facts About South Dakota

  • Nicknames for South Dakota include the Mount Rushmore State, the Coyote State, and the Sunshine State.
  • South Dakota’s most famous landmark is Mount Rushmore National Memorial, a larger-than-life sculpture that was carved into the side of a granite mountain in the Black Hills between 1927 and 1941.
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What is the population of South Dakota right now?

South Dakota is the 46th-most populous U.S. state; in 2012, the U.S. Census Bureau estimated a population of about 833,354.

10 most populous counties in 2012.

County Seat Projected Population
Brookings Brookings 32,629
Codington Watertown 27,606
Meade Sturgis 26,052
Lawrence Deadwood 24,397

6 more rows

What is the black population of South Dakota?

There are now 42 million people who identify as Black or African American living in America, making up 12% of the total population. According to the most recent American Community Survey, the Black population in South Dakota is 13,679 – at 1.6% of the total population of South Dakota.

Is South Dakota urban or rural?

The unemployment rate in rural South Dakota is 3.6%, while the urban rate is 3.0% (USDA-ERS, 2017). For a national comparison, please see an overview of the United States.

How old is South Dakota?

South Dakota is the seventeenth largest by area, but the fifth smallest by population and the 5th least densely populated of the 50 United States. As the southern part of the former Dakota Territory, South Dakota became a state on November 2, 1889, simultaneously with North Dakota.

What country is South Dakota?

United States

How did Rapid City get its name?

Named after the Rapid Creek on which the city is established, it is set against the eastern slope of the Black Hills mountain range. Rapid City was founded (and originally known as “Hay Camp”) in 1876 by a group of disappointed miners, who promoted their new city as the “Gateway to the Black Hills.”

Is South Dakota a good place to live?

While Mount Rushmore draws thousands of tourists to South Dakota each year, the state’s natural resources, low cost of living and thriving economy lure new residents. Brookings, Sioux Falls and Yankton are among the best places to live in South Dakota.

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What food is South Dakota known for?

Pheasant Restaurant & Lounge’s managers, Michael Johnson and Trevor Clements, embrace South Dakota’s food heritage, serving dishes like bison burger, chislic, hot roast beef sandwiches, bison ribeye, asparagus and walleye. Customers wanted the Brookings restaurant namesake, also the state bird, on the menu.

How hot does it get in South Dakota?

South Dakota has four distinct seasons of weather, ranging from cold winters to hot summers. Temperatures can reach over 100*F in the summer and average below freezing in the winter. Average humidity across the state ranges from semi-arid in the northwest to semi-humid in the southeast.

Is South Dakota a cheap place to live?

Cost of Living in South Dakota. An amount below 100 means South Dakota is cheaper than the US average. A cost of living index above 100 means South Dakota, South Dakota is more expensive.

Does it snow in South Dakota?

Average Snowfall for South Dakota in October. The numbers are for the total amount of new snow and how many days it snows at least 0.1 inches (0.25 centimetres) this month. The snowfall totals are averages based on weather data collected from 1981 to 2010 for the NOAA National Climatic Data Center.

What is the life expectancy in South Dakota?

South Dakota has the 19th-highest life expectancy among all U.S. states (79.5 years). The top 10 U.S. states and territories by life expectancy are: Hawaii, Minnesota, Puerto Rico, Connecticut, California, Massachusetts, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, New Jersey.

What’s the nickname for South Dakota?

The Mount Rushmore State

What is South Dakota known for producing?

Livestock and livestock products are the most important agricultural products produced in the state. In terms of revenue generated South Dakota’s top five agricultural products are cattle and calves, corn for grain, soybeans, wheat, and hogs.

What is the main industry in South Dakota?


How wealthy is South Dakota?

South Dakota has the 23rd-highest GDP per capita ($48,076) among all U.S. states. The top 10 U.S. states by GDP per capita are: District of Columbia, Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, Alaska, Delaware, North Dakota, Wyoming, California, New Jersey, Washington.

Who founded South Dakota?

The American explorers Lewis and Clark made their way across South Dakota in 1804, mapping out the land for U.S. President Thomas Jefferson. In 1817, the first permanent European settlement was established at Fort Pierre by Joseph La Framboise.

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How many hospitals are in South Dakota?

60 hospitals

What is the safest city in South Dakota?

Safest Cities in South Dakota, 2019

Rank City Violent Crime Rate
1 Brandon 0.000
2 Brookings 1.488
3 Huron 3.711
4 Watertown 3.635

6 more rows

What is the oldest city in South Dakota?

Fort Pierre

Was South Dakota a Confederate state?

The Dakota Territory was divided into the states of North Dakota and South Dakota on November 2, 1889. The United States War Department credited the Dakota Territory with supplying 206 white men to the Union Army.

How many miles across is South Dakota?

South Dakota is about 383 miles long (east to west) and 237 miles wide (north to south). The geographic center of South Dakota is located in Hughes County, 8 miles NE of Pierre. South Dakota is bordered by North Dakota on the north and by Nebraska on the south.

Why does Spearfish Creek freeze from the bottom up?

Spearfish Creek does freeze from the bottom up. Spearfish Creek flows fast enough to prevent ice from forming on the top. Ice can only start to form along the bottom, where the water slows because of the friction against the bottom and the subsequent turbulence.

Is South Dakota growing?

As the United States’ population growth falls to an 80-year low, South Dakota continues to grow, making it the fastest-growing state in the Midwest. Growth in the last few decades has a lot to do with Sioux Falls, where the population has nearly doubled over the last 30 years.

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