What is the rarest Lego figure?

What is the rarest Lego figure in the world?

A gold reproduction of bounty hunter Boba Fett, from the original Star Wars trilogy, is the most expensive LEGO Minifigure ever made. Only two of these were produced by LEGO, in 2010.

What are the most valuable Lego minifigures?

Top 100 Most Valuable Lego Minifigures

  1. promo021 – Lego Official Ninjago Movie Wooden Wu Movie Prop – $104500.95.
  2. sw0028wg – R2-D2 – 2018 Solid White Gold R2-D2 Black VIP Card MF Promotion – 1 Exists – $39188.45.
  3. sw0275full – 2010 Comic Con Gold and Silver Boba Fett Shadow Box – $36575.95.

Why is Lego so expensive 2020?

Is Lego too expensive? Lego is more expensive than its direct competitors, but Ms Tutt says its quality is higher. … Lego pays licensing for sets that are linked to blockbuster brands such as Star Wars. That cost is directly passed on to consumers, making those sets more expensive.

Are old Legos worth money?

Used Lego sets in good condition are worth between 50% and 75% of retail prices while they are still available in stores. … The value of Lego Minifigures varies greatly. Rare minifigures from a popular theme like Star Wars can sell for 5-10$ a piece. More common minifigures sell for about 1$.

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What is the hardest Lego set to build?

13 of the Toughest LEGO Sets to Build

  • Eiffel Tower (3428 pieces) …
  • Ghostbusters Firehouse (4634 pieces) …
  • Ultimate Collector’s Edition Millennium Falcon (7541 pieces) …
  • Tower Bridge (4287 pieces) …
  • Super Star Destroyer (3152 pieces) …
  • Marvel S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier (2996 pieces) …
  • Motorized AT-AT (1137 pieces) …
  • Sydney Opera House (2989 pieces)

What is the rarest Lego color?

Chrome black. This is a color that appear in a single set, the Chrome Darth Vader, a promotional polybag released in 2009 with a limit of 10,000. This single minifig seems to be going to about $130 on the secondary market (bricklink).

What is the rarest Lego brick?

The rare brick — a standard 2×4 piece — somehow came into the possession of BrickEnvy, a small e-store that sells collector-grade Lego sets. The store currently lists the pure gold Lego piece for a whopping $14,450, noting that only a few of these items exist around the world.

Is Lego an expensive hobby?

LEGO is an expensive hobby, and some AFOLs will buy and sell to each other in order to fund their own collections. However, there are also dedicated LEGO “flippers,” people who aren’t necessarily fans of the product but see an opportunity to take advantage of a niche marketplace.

What is the biggest Lego set?

1. Colosseum

  • Number of pieces: 9,036.
  • Editor’s Notes: It’s fitting that the biggest LEGO set of all time is inspired by the largest amphitheater ever built. …
  • Number of pieces: 7,541.
  • Editor’s Notes: The Millennium Falcon is currently LEGO’s biggest set. …
  • Number of pieces: 6,020.
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Why is Lego so fun?

Children love the thrill of building and they can do this for hours, building up strong little muscles in their hands that will help them do other skills, such as learn to write. It’s so easy for LEGO building to turn to a time of imaginary bliss with adventures, heros, villians, animals, and even family members.

What can you do with old LEGOs?

To participate, take any loose Lego bricks, sets, or accessories you no longer want, put them into a cardboard box, and visit Lego.com/Replay to print out a free UPS shipping label. The package will be sent to the Give Back Box facility, where your toy donation will be sorted, inspected and cleaned.

Are LEGOs a good investment?

A study has that found Lego sets may be a better investment than gold. … “A low exposure to standard risk factors make the Lego toy an attractive alternative investment with a good diversification potential.” It’s interesting to note that some of the most expensive Lego sets sold since 2014 have reached six figures.

What is the cheapest Lego set in the world?

Key Findings. The cheapest place in the world to buy LEGO is Hong Kong, where the average price of the sets in our study is $111.12. The most expensive LEGO on Earth is in Ecuador, where a single set costs $672.00. In the United States, the average LEGO set costs $129.56.

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