What is the second largest lizard in the world?

Rank Lizard Maximum reliable or known mass [kg (lb)]
1 Komodo dragon 166 (366)
2 Asian water monitor 70 (154)
3 Crocodile monitor 40(80.4)
4 Perentie 20 (44.1)

Which are the 2 largest reptiles living?

Table of heaviest living reptiles

Rank Species Maximum mass [kg (lb)]
1 Saltwater crocodile 2,000 kg (4,400 lb)
2 Nile crocodile 1,090 kg (2,400 lb)
3 Orinoco crocodile 1,100 kg (2,400 lb)
4 Leatherback sea turtle 932 kg (2,050 lb)

Do Komodo dragons kill humans?

Attacks on humans are rare, but Komodo dragons have been responsible for several human fatalities, in both the wild and in captivity. According to data from Komodo National Park spanning a 38-year period between 1974 and 2012, there were 24 reported attacks on humans, five of them fatal.

Can you eat Komodo dragon?

However bacon is cured pork belly meat so despite the fact that the komodo dragon eats the pork belly the meat is not cured and thus is not considered bacon. They also eat small mammals such as monkeys wild boar goats and pigs. Komodo dragons eat all kinds of carrion.

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What’s the largest lizard you can own?

7 Of The Largest Pet Lizards – The Biggest Lizards You Can Own

  • Argentine tegu.
  • Water monitor.
  • Green iguana.
  • Savannah monitor.
  • Rhino iguana.
  • Black throat monitor.
  • Nile monitor.
  • Advantages of large pet lizards.

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What is the longest reptile?

The longest species of reptile is the reticulated python Python reticulatus of south-east Asia, Indonesia and the Philippines, which quite often exceeds 6.25 m (20 ft 6 in). The record length is 10 m (32 ft 9.5 in) for a specimen shot on the island of Sulawesi (Celebes), Indonesia, in 1912.

Which is the strongest reptile?

This was Predator X (Pliosaurus funkei), the most powerful marine reptile ever discovered. Its skull alone was nearly twice the size of a Tyrannosaurus rex’s, and its bite force unmatched by anything in the Jurassic seas.

Can a Komodo dragon kill a tiger?

In may 2009 venom was discovered to be the primary way in which komodos bring down prey. The komodo dragon is more likely to win a fight against a tiger. … Komodo dragons have a combination of armor agility and venom that protects them and would aid them in killing the tiger.

Can a Komodo dragon kill an elephant?

While their deadly and unique toxins had erroneously been attributed to their saliva a 2009 study found that komodo dragons excrete venom through ducts in their mouth into the wounds they have created in their preys flesh. Komodo dragons can kill even the largest prey with a single bite. …

Can a Komodo dragon kill a crocodile?

The Komodo does have enough power and teeth to tear some damage into the Crocodile, which would be a cruel slow death if the Crocodile isn’t fighting back.

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Which animal can kill Komodo dragon?

The Honey Badger is among the fiercest, most fearless animals on the planet. It’s speed, mobility, aggression and fighting prowess would likely find a way to defeat the bigger, slower Komodo Dragon.

Can a Komodo dragon be a pet?

Can I keep a Komodo dragon as a pet? No, You can’t. It’s not legal in any state to keep a Komodo dragon on your property. The reason why it’s illegal is that it’s a dangerous animal and it has a poisonous bite.

What if a Komodo dragon bites you?

Komodos have large, serrated teeth (like a shark’s) that they use to grip prey and rip open its flesh, he added. The venom these creatures inject into their prey with every deep bite contains toxins that result in anticoagulation (the inability to stop bleeding) and hypotension (low blood pressure), Fry said.

What is the friendliest monitor lizard?

Blackthroat Monitors (Ionides Monitors)

They can become quite trusting with their owners, and many are treasured pets. Blackthroats are one of the most docile, and easily cared for monitor species. They do command respect as they are such a large animal.

What’s the friendliest lizard for a pet?

  • Bearded Dragon. Despite their fearsome appearance, these exotic-looking lizards are generally friendly and gentle. …
  • Leopard Gecko. Slower than typical geckos and lacking the sticky pads that can make escapes easy, leopard geckos come in different colorations and marking patterns. …
  • Blue-Tongued Skink. …
  • Crested Gecko. …
  • Uromastyx.

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Which lizard makes the best pet?

The Bearded Dragon, Leopard and Crested Geckos and Blue-Tongue Skink are great choices for a hobbyist looking to handle their pet. If you want a small lizard, good choices include the Gold-Dust Day Gecko, Green Anole, Crested Gecko, and the Long-Tailed Gecko.

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