What’s my rarest Xbox achievement?

On true achievements you can go to ‘My achievements’. Mouse over your profile in the top right and then select My achievements. Tick the box for ‘Achievements I have’ and then sort by ratio. The higher the ratio, the rarer the achievement, give or take an exception or two.

What is the rarest achievement?

The 7 Rarest Achievements And Trophies According To The Guinness Book Of World Records Gamer’s Edition 2020.

  • Lambda Locator (Half-Life 2) …
  • Giant Crown Master (Monster Hunter World) …
  • Evil Nightmare (Doom 3 BFG Edition) …
  • Firefly (The Last of Us Remastered) …
  • Minigame Master (Yakuza 3)

7 дек. 2019 г.

Are Xbox Achievements worth anything?

You can unlock achievements in Xbox 360 games, Xbox One games, and select first-party Microsoft games on PC. … Xbox achievements don’t have a reward for earning all of them, like the PlayStation 4’s Platinum trophy, but Gamerscore is a simple and easy-to-understand system for your friends to see your progress.

What is the most Gamerscore from one achievement?

On March 13, 2014, Raymond Cox — more famously known by his Xbox Gamertag ‘Stallion83’ — achieved the seemingly unachievable: 1,000,000 Gamerscore.

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What Xbox achievement gives the most Gamerscore?

On 21 November 2018, the USA’s “Stallion83” (aka Raymond Cox) finally saw his record haul of Xbox GamerScore points – a running total that Xbox gamers accumulate as they complete specific Achievements in the games they play – reach two million.

What is the hardest achievement?

10 Of The Hardest Video Game Achievements In History

  1. 1 SERIOUSLY 5.0 (Gears Of War 5)
  2. 2 MASTERMINDS (Grand Theft Auto V) …
  3. 3 QUIZ (World Of Guns) …
  4. 4 THE LEGENDARY HERO (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots) …
  5. 5 BETTER THAN THE BEST (Sniper Elite 4: Italia) …
  6. 6 LASO MASTER (Halo: The Master Chief Collection) …
  7. 7 MR. …
  8. 8 MY KUNG FU IS STRONGER (Mortal Kombat) …

15 апр. 2020 г.

What is the hardest Xbox achievement?

5 Hardest Xbox 360 Achievements (& 5 Hardest On Xbox One)

  • 6 Xbox 360: CloudBerry Kingdom – Shenanigans!
  • 7 Xbox One: Assetto Corsa – You Are Special! …
  • 8 Xbox 360: Robotron: 2084 – Wave 100. …
  • 9 Xbox One: I Am Bread – Turophile. …
  • 10 Xbox 360: Tom Clancy’s GRAW – Team Champion (Multiplayer) …

19 сент. 2020 г.

What is the G in Xbox points?

A Gamerscore really just means that the person completes lots of games and collects as many awards within those games as they can. In one way, this shows that they can complete lots of games and collect all the achievements the game has to offer, but it’s not really a meaningful sign of their skill level overall.

How can I get a free Xbox one?

How to Get a Free Xbox One. All you have to do is register to Xpango, login and begin collecting points. Xpango reward system gives you the chance to get a free Xbox One. There are some really cool ways to earn Xpango Points, such as inviting your friends – you get free points for everyone you refer to Xpango.

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Does Gamerscore do anything?

Gamerscore has always been about the little achievements in games, it has no monetary value, or tradability. Yes, there were tiers in the Xbox Rewards program, until it was transitioned, but it will be up to the Microsoft Rewards team, whether they continue rewarding folks with larger gamerscores.

What is the most Gamerscore?

Ray Cox IV, known online as Stallion83, is a video game player known for his high Xbox Gamerscore, points for completing in-game challenges known as achievements. He was the first player to reach 1,000,000 points in early 2014.

Ray Cox (gamer)

Ray Cox
Known for Xbox Gamerscore

Who has the most Gamerscore in the world?

As of 26 April 2019, “smrnov” (aka Stephen Rowe, Canada) had taken “Stallion83″‘s crown as Xbox player with the highest Xbox Live Gamerscore. The American had amassed 2,162,420 points – over 100,000 more than the USA’s “Stallion83”, as verified by TrueAchievements.com.

What is a good Gamerscore on Xbox?

The average gamerscore is just 8,538. Cox said he has played more than 1,500 games and completed more than 800 of them. One of his favorite achievements is getting more than 10,000 kills in Gears of War multiplayer.

Who has the most gold on Xbox?

Who has the most Xbox Gamerscore?

Pos Gamer GamerScore
1 smrnov 2,766,604
2 RedmptionDenieds=19 2,481,110
3 Pigimus Prime 2,377,535
4 jimmyhova 2,281,649
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