Question: Which College Has The Largest Student Population?

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The Ohio State University

University of Florida

University of Minnesota

Arizona State University

The University of Texas

University of Central Florida

Texas A&M University

What university has the largest student population?

The Five Largest Universities In The United States

  • University Of Central Florida (UCF) Founded in 1963, the University Of Central Florida was initially known as the Florida Technological University.
  • Texas A&M University (TAMU)
  • Ohio State University (OSU)
  • Florida International University (FIU)
  • University of Florida (UF)

What college has the largest campus?

Biggest Public Colleges in the US by On-Campus Undergraduate Enrollment

College Undergraduate Enrollment
University of Central Florida 56,972
Texas A&M University — College Station 53,065
The Ohio State University 52,517
Arizona State University — Tempe 42,427

27 more rows

What are the 10 largest universities in the United States 2018?

Here are the 10 universities in the United States with the largest combined graduate and undergraduate enrollment as of 2018:

  1. 1) Ohio State University — 52,500.
  2. 2) University of Florida — 51,700.
  3. 3) University of Minnesota — 51,800.
  4. 4) Arizona State University — 51,400.
  5. 5) University of Texas — 51,100.

What are the top 10 largest colleges?

The 10 Biggest Colleges in the Country & What It’s Like to Go

  • Arizona State University—Tempe, Arizona: 58,371 students.
  • University of Central Florida—Orlando, Florida: 56,235 students.
  • Ohio State University—Columbus, Ohio: 56,064 students.
  • University of Minnesota—Minneapolis, Minnesota: 51,721 students.
  • University of Texas at Austin—Austin, Texas: 51,195 students.
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